‘Letter to My Future Self’


Remember when you started your first communications course? You were brimming with self confidence and thought you knew enough to teach it: “Why am I even here?” you wondered.

Part of you knew why; a quiet voice reminded you about the things you didn’t know – creating engaging content, story arcs, traditional storytelling techniques in modern social media. You may be able to technically create a story but can you find an audience?

How about a vlog about your lap of Australia with your children? Content purposefully created to suit the way you like to absorb media now. Content that’s not too clever or shiny, but it captures your interest in a way that doesn’t require your full attention; niche subject media that you leave on while you’re cooking, swiping through instagram and watching ads (and subliminal ads) on YouTube Top Tens.

You love watching vlogs that teach you: top ten travel tips, a social movement in Russia, a video game streamer. Maybe, like twitch streamers, one media platform should be your main focus? Other social media platforms could be used like advertising to remind the audience of the main niche. Using social media might also become easier, saving you time; instead of treating them like separate platforms, stills from the vlog are posted to Instagram and conversations around the niche are explored in Facebook.

Did you find an audience? Are you happy with your online personality? Are you using social media or is it using you?

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